How to Turn Journaling into a Practice

Beginning journaling as a routine can be daunting and challenging. Through this post we want to delve into some of the techniques used to create a stress free and simple practice out of your journaling.

Practice by definition means that there is no end goal, everyday and every time you practice there will always be improvements. When it comes to journaling and mindfulness, this same resonance is true – Practice is an on going process, one that works for you.

Creating a practice

It’s the little things you do each day that can make the biggest difference.

  • When we practice something, we become better at every time, developing new skills and progressing at our own pace

  • Practice means allowing yourself to begin wherever you are now - without judgment or expectation

A daily practice

Life is full and the lines between work-home are blurred, making it more difficult to switch off. The momentum of life draws us to being more externally focused, which makes it is so easily loose touch with your inner self. Understandably turning something into a daily activity can be challenging, but here are some tips to help transition into a daily practice at whatever pace feels right to you.

Where? Finding a space

Pick an uninterrupted time that suits you best, whether before work with a cup of tea or coffee, on the bus, in your lunch break or right before you go to bed to make space for yourself - uninterrupted time.

Some of the techniques that work for others that may help you get started are:

  • Waking up earlier in the morning

  • Finding quiet time during the day

  • At the end of your work day before settling in for the night

  • Right before going to sleep

How long? How long is really up to you.

10-20 minutes per day is ideal, but If that’s too much - start with smaller amounts of time, whatever you can fit in. A good technique is to start small and slowly build up as you settle into the practice and find what works best for you!

Give your practice a try for a week or two and see how it works.

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