Your intention to develop your practice

In developing your new practice of journaling it is a really good idea to reflect and become clear on your intentions. Ask yourself: Why are you doing it? What’s my intention for my practice? How would you like it to support your mental & emotional wellbeing?

An intention is like planting a seed within your mind of what you hope to gain, a reason for why you would like to create more self reflection time in your life through journaling, Setting an intention really helps you stick to goals as you can always come back to the “why”.

These can be as easy as:

Why do you feel this would benefit you?

What you’d like to get from this?

How would this impact on your life?

How would you like it to support your mental & emotional wellbeing?

You will find a create my intention page in your Mindfully Me Journal on page 11, or if you are using your own journal you could create a page at the front to write your intention.

New habits take time to evolve and having a clear intention can help you revisit your intention at times you feel self doubt or uncertain as to whether to continue. Sometimes journaling can bring up aspects within ourselves that we would prefer not to listen to, so having a ‘why’ can help you to remember a larger goal or desire to motivate you.

"Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

- Mina Murray

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